The word SPRING has several meanings in English. It can be a noun, a verb and an adjective. However, when you hear the word SPRING, you most likely, think of the season when nature comes back into life and into full bloom.

 There are also many idioms which use the word SPRING. Usually, the meaning of the idiom is impossible to guess so it’s good to look them up in a dictionary and practice using them in writing or conversation. Here are six common idioms that use the word spring. Can you think of more?

idioms with spring


meaning: to become suddenly alive or more alive.

The party sprang to life after midnight. This city seems quiet during the day but really springs to life in the evening


a person well past youth; an old person.
That actor is no spring chicken, but he does a pretty good job of playing a thirty-year-old man. 


meaning: to surprise someone with something.

 I hate to spring this on you at the last moment, but I will have to move out so you need to find another roommate.


meaning: to jump on someone, something, or an animal. 

The tiger sprang upon him and knocked him down to the ground. 


 meaning: to suddenly begin moving or doing something.

 When she found out guests were coming a day early she suddenly sprang into action and started cleaning the house.

spring for something

meaning: to treat someone by paying for/buying something.

I’m springing for dinner and drinks for everybody to celebrate my promotion.

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